Water, water

by sw on June 26, 2012

With flooding causing misery for many, discussing the wastage of water may seem at best untimely. However, our increasing demand for water as well as changing weather patterns mean this essential commodity can’t be taken for granted.

The National Home Improvement Council held a lunch at the House of Commons on 25 June to highlight the need to reduce demand and conserve water.

In the UK, we flush 30% of our domestic water down the toilet, with 21% used in bathing and washing, and 12% in showering, explained Tony Rheinberg of Ideal Standard.

We don’t think we’re using as much water as we do, either, estimating our usage at about a quarter of what it actually is.

Modern bathroom fittings designed to minimise water usage without compromising on the efficiency and luxury we’re after are part of the answer. Look out for the Water Label to find efficient buys.

With only around a third of us in the UK on water meters, it’s hard to focus on water usage in the same way we might on our electricity and gas. But it’s worth remembering that if you get through less hot water, you will save money on your energy bills and there aren’t many of us who’d pass up that opportunity in the current financial climate.

But wouldn’t it help if the government created incentives for homeowners to install water-conserving options? A toilet scrappage scheme isn’t glamorous, but it would save an awful lot of water.

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