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by sw on February 16, 2012

The rising costs of energy have put a strain on many households’ finances. According to research by Smart New Homes, this means 82% of home buyers now look for energy-efficient features in a new home.

If you’re staying put, though, there are ways to reduce your home’s running costs. One simple approach is to replace appliances with more energy-efficient versions when the time comes. The energy labels will help you choose, but there are plenty of A-rated appliances out there, so most of us will end up relying on the price tag.

Yet an appliance that seems cheap when you key in your card details can end up costing you far more over its lifetime than one where the initial outlay is greater – despite the fact that both are A rated.

To get the best deal you need to know the total of the purchase price plus the running costs of the appliances you’re interested in, and there is a simple way to find out. Which? has created an energy cost calculator that will allow you to compare lifetime costs for all the fridges, washing machines, tumble-dryers, dishwashers and TVs it has tested. Useful in these tough times when a little help in reducing electricity bills won’t go amiss.

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