Gorgeous greetings

by sw on February 21, 2012

Economist Ian Senior told Radio 4’s Today programme  this morning that ‘the sad truth is that the traditional letter is only there for people who can’t send emails’.

I don’t think we’ve reached the stage where an email can take the place of a personal letter or a card sent for a birthday, special occasion, or just to say hello.

New venture the Illustrated Paper Company, which has a roster of talented artists creating its cards, would definitely say that sending by post isn’t a lowly second choice.

The company’s designs range from the unique creations of the company’s co-founder Emma Cowlam to the colour-filled illustrations of Elijah & Hatty, currently eight and 13 years old, with plenty of other fabulous options on offer. Wrapping paper and postcards are available, too, and all the products are made in the UK.

Email is easy and convenient, but I can be pretty confident that all of the company’s card designs you send through the post will please the recipient a whole lot more than an email.

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